Frozen Kongs and Yumminess for All – 9/7/2014

First of all, for those of you who get posts by e-mail, the date on the last one should’ve been 9/6, not 8/6. I fixed it online.

I’ll post a few pictures and a couple of videos here. I may have to use Dropbox for the videos (Yep, I do, unless I want to upgrade), so you’ll have to click on the links to access them. The two videos are of the dogs enjoying their frozen Kongs.

The three pics are: one of the two dogs looking up at their frozen Kongs, one of Keats and I curled up on the floor in my parents’ living room, and one of Keats and Sachet by my parents’ pool. I think I’ll use that picture for an iPhone case one of these days. *smile*

Today we gave the dogs the frozen Kongs. At first, we had to convince Sashy that it was a worthwhile task. She was ignoring it at first, in true Sachet fashion, but once she got into it, she went to town. Keats was very focused the entire time. At one point, I called him over so he could bring the Kong in the room where Sashy was. He did come, but left the kong where it was, so I had to go get it. I was so proud of him for coming to me, even though he was fully engaged in the awesomeness of the frozen Kong. I expected him to bring it, so the fact that he was willing to come without it deserves big kudos. Sachet got smart, and at a certain point she started throwing it around to dislodge the kibble. Keats did that a little at the very end, but most of the time he just kept at it. It took them close to an hour to get everything out of the Kongs. It was entertaining to watch, and fun/yummy for them.

We all know dogs often test us to see what they can get away with. Keats’s testing has been so minor. To be honest, I am still amazed how much freedom I can give this boy, even in other people’s houses. My boy does have a bit of a sneaky side though. One morning a few weeks ago, we were pouring dog food into the bins. We walked away to attend to something, closing the lids but failing to latch them. A couple of minutes went by and we got distracted. Next thing I hear, the latch for one of the bins is moving up and down. Somebody had decided to try to open it with his nose. He was being very gentle about it, too. All it took, though, was a stern “Keats, no, out!” He darted right out of the kitchen. I must say my little sassy Sashy would not have listened to a no, stern or not. She also would have been much more forceful about it. Another night within a week or two of that incident, I was taking Andy out to relieve—I had already taken Keats. We were walking down the path to the street, and I tripped over a dog. I stopped, and Andy looked like he was at a nice heel. “Well,” I thought, “Andy probably wanted to go sniff the grass or something.” There was no dog in front of me when I reached down to check. So, we kept going. I kept hearing some jingling that didn’t sound like Andy’s, so I reached over to the right, and guess who was there, happy as a clam, not trying to run off or anything, just hanging out with us. So, I took him by the collar, went back to the door, and told him “no, inside.” I didn’t make much of it though, because at least he wasn’t trying to run off. What I have done since is to make much more of a point of stopping at doors and having him wait until I say ok to proceed. Initially I would have him sit at doors, but he was so good that I had kind of let my guard down about it. He has snuck out one or two other times with Casey, so we really have to watch him.


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