Making up for Lost Time – 9/11/14

I’m making up for all the writing I haven’t done these last 2 months. We are on the bus headed to Red Lobster. I’m dreaming of endless shrimp!! So, I think Keats can read, which is no surprise since he’s quite the poet. He knew I was writing about his little escapades, sneaking out of the house, so he thought he would do something to show off how well he’s doing since. That same day I posted, my parents and I walked outside to say goodbye to friends. They always have the gate closed because of Sachet, so there was no danger of dogs getting out, which is why we weren’t too attentive to the door. We said our goodbyes, and Sashy had come out with us. I realized what an opportunity I’d given my boy to just wander out, and how I should’ve been more attentive to him on the way out the door, to keep reinforcing the concept of not darting out without permission. After scolding myself inwardly, I asked my mom where Keats was, as we were headed inside. “He’s at the door looking right at you,” she said. Sure enough, when I got to the door, my little boy was sitting just inside the door, wagging his tail proudly. “You see, Mom? I’m doing what I’m supposed to! Wag wag!” I was so very proud of him. That definitely called for a high value treat.

My parents commented that they both noticed a difference in Keats’s work from the last time we were there two months earlier. I guess we look like a more seasoned team. I still marvel at how comfortable I feel with him in only four months. He really is such an easy dog to work with, and such a love! He certainly stole the hearts of all my family, and the fact that he was always carrying a toy in his mouth just adds to the cuteness factor. We flew back to Orlando on Monday, and as expected, Keats just slept the entire flight. We navigated the airport smoothly and efficiently. I also had an eye doc appt. that morning, and he guided me expertly around the large Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. His work was phenomenal all the way around that weekend.

Remember how I said Sachet ignored the toy I brought her? Well, I got a text from my mom yesterday morning, and it so brightened my day. She said Sashy had been playing with the toy the night before, squeaking and bringing it around to them off and on the whole evening. I had left a Kong for her, so my parents could do frozen Kongs for her. She usually didn’t play with Kongs. However, yesterday, she was repeatedly taking the Kong and dropping it at my mom’s feet. After a few times, she decided Sachet might have been trying to tell her something like, “Ok Mom, here it is. Fill it up please!”

The 1st pic here is one of Keats looking for lizards in front of my parents’ house. The 2nd is of Keats and Sachet lying to either side of me on a staircase where I was sitting. Keats has his head on my lap.


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