Grammar Frustrations

Sooooo, I just happened to go look at my last post, and was dismayed to find that the apostrophes and dashes had mysteriously been omitted. For someone who is such a stickler for correct grammar, this is particularly frustrating!! I am posting this because for those of you who get my posts by e-mail, you will probably not see the edited copy. I did go back and repost it, hopefully with all apostrophes and dashes included. Not sure what happened there, but I’m sending this message to let you all know, and also as a test to see if the same thing happens again–I think I’ll scream!! I’m crossing my fingers …


4 thoughts on “Grammar Frustrations”

  1. Extremely enlightening and enjoyable reading, with or without dashes and apostrophes. Thank you for sharing.
    I am Arlene Jensen’s sister; she brailles in Orlando, I think you may have met her.

    1. What a great account of what sounds like a fantastic trip! I so enjoyed reading every word, Judy. And of course, I’m glad I waited for the grammar-corrected version. 🙂
      And-I love the kindness of strangers and your paying it forward! You, Case and Keats rock!!!

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