Happy Anniversary, My Sweet Boy!

Can you believe it? Two years already! I sure can’t. I am in Miami, visiting my family for Mother’s Day weekend. Keats is zonked out on his bed next to mine. He had a fun day today, enjoying all the attention from my family, visiting one of my grandmothers, working like a champ at the very busy and crowded International Mall where he met a future puppy raiser, relaxing here at my parents’, doing his best to find at least one lizard to chase, and playing with the neighbor’s five month old Lab Golden Retriever puppy. Early May is an important time for him, for not only is May sixth our anniversary of becoming a team, but his birthday is also two days before that, on the fourth. I’ve decided he is my Star Wars dog. I didn’t even know May fourth was Star Wars Day, or why it was so, until this year. But, last year, I gave him an Ewok for his birthday, not even knowing the significance of the day. This year he got a nice big antler, which, of course, we brought along on our trip. I wanted to write more of a reflective post, but I’m running out of time and battery. Plus, I’m tired and not in that frame of mind. That will have to happen another day in the near future hopefully. I just want to say, yet again, because I know I just haven’t said it enough in this blog, how much I love my Keats. He is smart, funny, lovable, charming, handsome, obedient, so in tune with me, and one awesome guide! I look forward to many more years of sharing life’s adventures together.


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, My Sweet Boy!”

  1. One thing you forgot to mention in your description of Keats…..he is a very lucky dog…..living with you! We miss you guys!

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